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Final JS import at 6pm EST/3pm PST Julee Burdekin (Friday, 31 January)

Compatibility tables for CSS properties Julee Burdekin (Friday, 31 January)

General meeting: raw meeting notes are posted Julee Burdekin (Friday, 31 January)

The best dang JS page? Julee (Friday, 31 January)

General meeting tomorrow? Julee (Friday, 31 January)

Warning: Replication is currently broken Renoir Boulanger (Friday, 31 January)

Refresh is slow Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 29 January)

l10n of the content Andrei Bas (Wednesday, 29 January)

JS pages Return Value section isn't showing up Julee Burdekin (Tuesday, 28 January)

MDN Compat data project Janet Swisher (Monday, 27 January)

Web Platform Doc Sprint Düsseldorf, May 18, 2014 Andre Jay Meissner (Monday, 27 January)

Blogging guidelines and calendar Eliot Graff (Sunday, 26 January)

Re: DOM reorg project next steps Jonathan Garbee (Sunday, 26 January)

Reconstituted "see also" sections Max Polk (Saturday, 25 January)

Need confirmation on page delete Max Polk (Saturday, 25 January)

Starting to work mdn-compat-importer Renoir Boulanger (Friday, 24 January)

OpenDomain WebPlatform.Com Ric Johnson (Friday, 24 January)

Doc Sprint Belgium postponed - not enough experts Paul Verbeek (Friday, 24 January)

Attribution to MSDN on JavaScript pages Julee Burdekin (Friday, 24 January)

Meeting this Friday? Julee (Thursday, 23 January)

We Mentioned Web Platform Docs in our article! Brad Zomick (Thursday, 23 January)

mediawiki sub-pages question David Gash (Thursday, 23 January) - 500 Server Error - please fix EOM Dan Nemeth (Thursday, 23 January)

Working upload Max Polk (Tuesday, 21 January)

2013-01-20: Blog maintenance Renoir Boulanger (Monday, 20 January)

Batch upload to test wiki Max Polk (Sunday, 19 January)

Test wiki occasional error 503 backend read error Max Polk (Saturday, 18 January)

Load balancing maintenance in progress Renoir Boulanger (Friday, 17 January)

"Home page" short term changes Eliot Graff (Friday, 17 January)

Shall we meet tomorrow? Julee (Friday, 17 January)

Content for 3 Landing Pages Jen Simmons (Thursday, 16 January)

Error 503 Backend is unhealthy Paul Verbeek (Wednesday, 15 January)

a few content questions Jen Simmons (Tuesday, 14 January)

Swag & prizes needed for Fluent2014 Doc Sprint Julee (Tuesday, 14 January)

Are these the use cases? Which is yours? Julee (Tuesday, 14 January)

JSON for CSS properties? Carlos Araya (Saturday, 11 January)

Placing Tutorials (was Re: VTT authoring guide on Web Platform Docs?) Carlos Araya (Saturday, 11 January)

Converting MDN Compat Data to JSON Doug Schepers (Saturday, 11 January)

Meeting notes Julee (Friday, 10 January)

Teams and titles Max Polk (Friday, 10 January)

Meeting now in #webplatform not #webplatform-site Julee (Friday, 10 January)

Meeting tomorrow? Julee (Friday, 10 January)

Web Platform Docs in Italian Jonathan De Felice (Tuesday, 7 January)

Re: JS page templates and topics (analysis) Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 7 January)

homepage design Jen Simmons (Monday, 6 January)

Re: Documenting ITS 2.0 attributes at WPD Jirka Kosek (Sunday, 5 January)

2 more templating bugs for Eliezer Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 2 January)

Planning for Fluent Doc Sprint San Francisco 3/11/14 Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 2 January)

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