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[Bug 3949] [FO] New regex function to match and return a list of captured strings

[Bug 4189] [FS] technical: 8.1.9 Type expansion correct?

[Bug 4273] [FS] data on element()

[Bug 4939] [FO] Specify both "fn:f(a as t?) as r?" and "fn:f(a as t) as r"

[Bug 5183] [FO] Effect of type promotion in fn:distinct-values

[Bug 5254] [FS] Validate has inconsistent static and dynamic types

[Bug 5323] [XQX] Bug in XQueryX applet

[Bug 5332] [UPD] Parentheses around () or fn:error()

[Bug 5347] [XPath] XML 1.0/1.0 5ed

[Bug 5350] [UPDUseCase] Relational tests have no schema

[Bug 5351] [XPath] PI name test must require string literals that satisfy NCName rules

[Bug 5355] [XQuery] PITarget string literals should follow NCName rules

[Bug 5441] [SER] Text output method and normalization-form

[Bug 5444] [SER] Non-XHTML elements with XHTML output method

[Bug 5452] [FS] Static type of namespace axis

[Bug 5671] [FO] Type promotion in fn:min and fn:max

[Bug 5722] [XQuery] Importing the same module from different modules.

[Bug 5727] [XPath] Syntax ambiguities with leading "/"

[Bug 5737] K2-DirectConElementNamespace-36 (error codes)

[Bug 5738] [XQuery] Constraints on schemas

[Bug 5771] [FO] Feature request: get binary data from URI

[Bug 5795] CVS: Static Typing: K2-Steps-2, K2-FunctionProlog-14

[Bug 5805] [XQueryUseCases] Use case STRONG Q9 incorrect

[Bug 5857] [XSLT 2.0] A problem with namespace inheritance

[Bug 5876] [XPath] Is it an error for an operator to be contained in parentheses?

[Bug 5993] [SER] HTML indent and the CSS white-space property

[Bug 6027] [XPath] Extensions and Conformance

[Bug 6028] [FO] fn:id is broken -- gives wrong answers for elements of type ID

[Bug 6116] [XQuery11UC] Use case Q6 - solution doesn't match problem

[Bug 6117] [XQuery11UC] Windowing use case Q7 - error in logic

[Bug 6118] [XQuery11UC] 3.15.11 Q11 use case - mismatch between results and input data

[Bug 6139] [DM] reminders re empty Text Nodes

[Bug 6148] [FO] Requirement: string replace without regex

[Bug 6160] [FS] 7.1.1 The fs:convert-operand function: incorrect type rules

[Bug 6221] [UPD] transform modify clause

[Bug 6223] [XQFTTS] cont.

[Bug 6226] Basic processors should not signal an error for validation = lax

[Bug 6231] [XSLT 2.0] Default default collation

[Bug 6241] [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q2: wrong "at"

[Bug 6242] [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q3: spurious "at"

[Bug 6243] [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q8: wrong expected result

[Bug 6244] [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q4 Q5 Q9 Q13: results don't match data

[Bug 6255] [XPath2] Base URI after validation

[Bug 6273] [XQuery11] namespace-node()

[Bug 6275] [XQuery 1.1] Computed Namespace Constructors

[Bug 6282] [XSLT 2.0] Typo in xsl:processing-instruction example

[Bug 6287] [XPath] Terminology: "undefined"

[Bug 6288] [UPDUseCase] Static Typing and Parts Q3 Solution 2

[Bug 6289] [XQuery 1.1] decimal-format - duplicate properties

[Bug 6291] [XQuery 1.1] Error code 0096 is overloaded

[Bug 6292] [XQuery 1.0 errata] Error in erratum XQ.E19 - XQDY0044

[Bug 6295] [XQuery 1.1] "count" as first clause in FLWOR

[Bug 6304] [FT] attribute value tokenization

[Bug 6335] [FT] fts:ApplyFTContent definition

[Bug 6340] [FO] Editorial: fn:base-uri()

[Bug 6341] [FO] Specification of op:dateTime-equal, etc

[Bug 6343] [FO] op:gYearMonth-equal

[Bug 6344] [FO] op:gYear-equal

[Bug 6345] [FO] op:gMonthDay-equal

[Bug 6372] [FO] deep equality of namespace nodes

[Bug 6374] [DM] non-normative notes

[Bug 6375] [FO] non-normative notes

[Bug 6376] [Ser] non-normative notes

[Bug 6377] [XQX] non-normative notes

[Bug 6383] [UPD] Parent property in transform copy modify

[Bug 6386] [FT] bug in fts:joinIncludes

[Bug 6466] [SER] quotes in doctype-system parameter

[Bug 6469] [FT] TestSuite issues

[Bug 6470] [FT] ordered and/or queries

[Bug 6471] [FT] Test-Suite issues cont.

[Bug 6482] [UPD] setToUntyped() and xml:id

[Bug 6483] [UPD] upd:replaceNode() and upd:setToUntyped()

[Bug 6495] [UPD] Consistency within deleted subtrees

[Bug 6509] K2-ExternalVariablesWith-23

[Bug 6511] New: sdfsdf

[Bug 6511] sdfsdf

[Bug 6513] [XQuery] inconsistent terminology in definition of derives-from()

[Bug 6513] New: [XQuery] inconsistent terminology in definition of derives-from()

[Bug 6517] [XQuery] Default namespace undeclarations

[Bug 6517] New: Default namespace undeclarations

[Bug 6531] New: [FOerrata] fn:concat and '...' not defined

[Bug 6535] New: [SER 1.1]: Add new serialization option suppress-indentation

[Bug 6538] [FS] Inconsistent following-sibling behaviour of attribute nodes

[Bug 6538] New: Inconsistent following-sibling behaviour of attribute nodes

[Bug 6557] [XQuery] Editorial: Missing word in description of XQST0034

[Bug 6557] New: [XQuery] Editorial: Missing word in description of XQST0034

[Bug 6558] New: CVS: K2-DirectConElemNamespace-79

[Bug 6559] [XPath] PI name test must require string literals that satisfy NCName rules

[Bug 6559] New: [XPath] PI name test must require string literals that satisfy NCName rules

[Bug 6581] New: static-context-1 ʱis-XPath2

[Bug 6581] static-context-1 ʱis-XPath2

[Bug 6591] New: [FO] id() "Parsed as if IDREFS"

[Bug 6593] New: question about times option

[Bug 6593] question about times option

[Bug 6625] New: [FS] Type unsoundness of axis expressions involving nillable elements substitutable for non-nillable elements

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