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[Bug 6469] [FT] TestSuite issues

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--- Comment #7 from Jim Melton <jim.melton@acm.org>  2009-02-06 23:18:52 ---
In this comment, I'm going to respond to some more of your bug reports:

[1] ft-3.2-examples-q5.xq:

You're right about having only a minimum of queries with scoring, because it's
very difficult to predict what the results might be.  The XML Query WG and XSL
WG have a sort of policy that requires us to place every example in the spec
into the test suite, and this is one of those.  I'm not entirely sure how to
resolve this dilemma other than to either (1) change the comparison specified
in the catalog to "inspect" or (2) add a second possible result of "no file at
all".  The TF will discuss this issue. 

[2] ft-3.3-examples-q1.xq:
You're right. This should be changed in the spec and in the test. 

[7] FTPrimary-FTWords-any-q4b.xq:
You are obviously correct.  Fixed.  (Note that this result had all 9 paragraphs
and should have had none, but the result of the next test you cite had no
paragraphs and should have had all 9.  I suspect the result files got

[8] FTPrimary-FTWords-anyword-q4b.xq
Again, obviously correct. Fixed.  (Note that this result had no paragraphs and
should have had all 9, but the result of the previous test you cite had all 9
paragraphs and should have had none.  I suspect the result files got reversed.)

[9] FTPrimary-FTWords-anyword-q2b_result.xml
Good catch! Fixed. 

[10] FTWords/*.xml
I appreciate the comment, but it would be extremely helpful if you could
identify the specific locations. 

[11] FTPrimary-FTWords-phrase-q3a.xq - -q4a.xq
I agree.  I've fixed the problems in each of the tests in slightly different
I also think that FTPrimary-FTWords-phrase-q4b.xq had the wrong result; I
believe that its result file should contain only an empty <paragraphs> element.
Do you agree?

[12] FTOr-badexpr1.xq
Good question; the TF will discuss this. 

[13] FTNot-q1.xq
I think I agree with you, but the TF should discuss this.  Of course, the
question is 'Does book[para ftcontains ftnot "Ninja"] mean "find all books that
have a para element that doesn't contain 'Ninja'" or "Find all books that do
not have a para element that contains 'Ninja'"?'  You believe that it's the
former, and I think you're probably right. 

[15] FTNot-q2.xq / -q3.xq / -q4.xq / -q5.xq
I agree; I have fixed q2 and q3, but will ask the test author to fix q4 and q5
(because the result will change from .xml to .txt and the comparison from XML
to Fragment). 

And, unfortunately, that's all I have time to address today. With luck, other
TF members will be able to work on the remaining issues soon. 

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