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[Bug 4273] [FS] data on element()

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--- Comment #40 from zhen hua liu <zhen.liu@oracle.com>  2009-02-13 17:11:53 ---
for commment #39, here are my two cents of static typing:
in my implementation and customer experiences, I found supporting optimistic
static typing is more useful. This allows me to leverage static typing as
query optimzation techniques to eliminate as much dynamic typing as possible,
report type errors that otherwise would be dynamic type errors statically,
catch invalid xpath,  etc. Such strategies work the best when the input XML
node is
either untyped or conforming to particular XML schema. That is, users have to
be cooperative.  However, for XML node is xs:anyTyped statically, then the
value of static typing diminishes quickly
and  the implementation has to use dynamic typing technique. That is why I
advocate the concept of optimistic static typing.

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