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[Bug 6469] [FT] TestSuite issues

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--- Comment #4 from Christian Gruen <christian.gruen@gmail.com>  2009-02-06 19:07:23 ---
Hi Jim,

thank you for commenting the tokenization issue. If I get it right,
tokenization of punctuation eventually is implementation dependent as well, so
- as long as it is not specified if punctuation is to be treated as own token -
the two discussed queries..

  'a b' ftcontains 'a.b' 
  'a.b' ftcontains 'a b'

..can either return true or false. Concerning the examples in 4.1.1,
punctuation is ignored in the tokenization process - or, to put it differently,
space and punctuation is treated the same way here:

  "Ford Mustang 2000, 65K, excellent [...]"
  -> Ford(1) Mustang(2) 2000(3), 65K(4), excellent(5)

So the following queries..

  "Ford Mustang 2000, 65K" ftcontains "2000 65K"
  "Ford Mustang 2000 65K" ftcontains "2000, 65K"

..should return true for these examples. What do you think?

Christian, BaseX Team 

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