[Bug 6117] [XQuery11UC] Windowing use case Q7 - error in logic


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--- Comment #2 from Tim Kraska <tim@flworfound.org>  2009-02-03 12:14:55 ---
The solution from Franc might cause several notifications. I would propose: 

declare variable $seq := fn:doc("person_events.xml");

  for tumbling window $w in $seq/stream/event 
    start  $s when $s/person eq "Anton" and $s/direction eq "in"
    only end $e next $n when  xs:dateTime($n/@time) - xs:dateTime($s/@time) gt 
      or  ($e/person eq "Barbara" and $e/direction eq "in") 
      or ($e/person eq "Anton" and $e/direction eq "out")
  where $e/person eq "Barbara" and $e/direction eq "in"
    <warning time="{ $e/@time }">Barbara: Anton arrived 1h ago</warning>

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