[Bug 5795] CVS: Static Typing: K2-Steps-2, K2-FunctionProlog-14


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--- Comment #31 from zhen hua liu <zhen.liu@oracle.com>  2009-02-24 22:17:16 ---
In K2-Steps-2, the query e[928] makes a reference of a context item, however,
the input variable binding is $input-context, not context item, therefore, this
shall result as XPDY0002 errors. Furthermore, xquery spec allows implementation
do static analysis and catch and raise such error statically. However, using
static anlaysis to infer types and compute results while there are errors
detected in previous steps are not very sounded and not very well defined (at
least not covered by the xquery spec or formal semantic spec). So per working
group discussion, we close this bug as resolved.

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