[Bug 6466] [SER] quotes in doctype-system parameter


--- Comment #3 from Henry Zongaro <zongaro@ca.ibm.com>  2009-02-05 18:06:16 ---
At its teleconference of 2009-02-05, the XSL WG considered this bug report. 
The WG approved the substantive changes proposed by the second alternative of
the last paragraph of comment 1.  To reiterate:

In section 3 "Serialization Parameters," in the row that describes
"doctype-system," after "A string of Unicode characters.  This parameter may be
absent," add "It is an error if the value of doctype-system contains both an
and a quotation mark."

And alter the text added by SE.E1 to say "It is an error if the value of
doctype-public contains a character that is not a PubidChar[XML]."

XQuery WG consideration of the bug is still pending.

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