[Bug 6244] [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q4 Q5 Q9 Q13: results don't match data


Tim Kraska <tim@flworfound.org> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Tim Kraska <tim@flworfound.org>  2009-02-17 15:51:52 ---
Q4 and Q5:
Instead of changing the result, I would correct the input sequence to:

  <event temp="10" time="1"/>
  <event temp="8" time="2"/>
  <event temp="6" time="3"/>
  <event temp="13" time="4"/>
  <event temp="32" time="5"/>
  <event temp="9" time="6"/>
  <event temp="10" time="7"/>

That avoids the floating point representation for Q4. The results for Q4 and Q5
are then correct in the document. 

Q9: The current public draft has as the result:

As the order for groupby is implementation defined, the result is correct.

Q13: I changed the input data to achieve a result. As a consequence I also
needed to change Q7-Q12. 

I'm marking this bug FIXED.  Xavier, if you agree with the solutions, please
mark it CLOSED. 

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