[Bug 6469] [FT] TestSuite issues


--- Comment #6 from Jim Melton <jim.melton@acm.org>  2009-02-06 23:13:02 ---
Christian, I think that I still disagree. The only way that "a.b" could contain
"a b" or vice versa is if the tokenizer recognized "." as a token separator and
not as a token. Because tokenization is so completely implementation-defined,
anything is possible. Maybe Pat or Mary will have some good ideas about this,
'cause I have too little real-world Full Text experience to be very certain. 

W.R.T. your question about whether spaces can be recognized as tokens: Again,
because tokenization is so completely implementation-defined, it's possible.
However, I do not believe that a tokenizer that did that would survive in the
marketplace, so I don't believe we need to accommodate that possibility. 

Therefore, your query:
   'A B' ftcontains ('A' ftand 'B') distance at most 0 words
would, IMHO, always return true. 

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