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[Fwd: Stop the Dangerous Blogs Bill]

ACTION-714, ACTION -716 and ACTION-762: Privacy by Design

ACTION-754: F2F discussion of fragids work

ACTION-782: Polyglot discussion at upcoming TAG F2F

ACTION-784: F2F discussion of layering

ACTION-786: Marcos to frame TAG F2F discussion of Javascript APIs

ACTION-788: F2F discussion of TAG liaison with ECMA TC39

Atom vs Polyglot

Further to Noah's point about referencing and Polyglot

future of "publishing and linking"

Fwd: Working Group Last Call on the HTTPbis document set

IndexedDB, what were the issues? How do we stop it from happening again?

IndexedDB, what were the issues? Non-reactable.

Interesting critique of OAuth by one of its creators

Meaningless: towards a real-world web semantics observatory

media types as anti-pattern

media types as anti-pattern (was: Why polyglot is needed)

Partial draft minutes for TAG F2F of 18-20 March 2012 - awaiting logs for the rest

Polyglot: the final thread?

Privacy by Design

request for TAG F2F teleconference, 18-20 March 2013

Requesting your contribution to TAG retrospective sessions at F2F

Revisiting Authoritative Metadata

Revisiting Authoritative Metadata (was: The failure of Appendix C as a transition technique)

TAG Comment on [Web Storage]

TAG F2F agenda nearly complete - TAG members encouraged to review

TAG F2F agenda starting to take shape

TAG F2F Agenda Updated

There will be no TAG teleconference this week

There will be no TAG teleconference this week (28 March 2013)

Update on TAG F2F Agenda

Updates to TAG F2F agenda

URIs in data primer draft updated & httpRange-14 background

Why polyglot is needed


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