ACTION-788: F2F discussion of TAG liaison with ECMA TC39

Yehuda, you have:

ACTION-788: on - Yehuda Katz - Frame F2F discussion of liaison with ECMA 
TC39 - Due: 2013-03-07 - OPEN

Have you made any progress? Should we have a session? If you've been 
reading earlier emails from today you should have some idea of what I'll 
need. It is OK to just request a discussion, but in this case, I think we 
need to have someone (you?) give an organized introduction to get everyone 
up to speed:

* What exactly is TC39 (most of us know in general)
* Are there particular issues that might be of particular interest to the 
TAG, or is this just a proposal to sync up better in general?
* Are there specific ideas for what we would do? If it's to track their 
work, how much time would that take, or do we have TAG members already 
doing it for their day jobs?


I need information on this soon to decide whether we have enough to 
schedule a F2F session. Thank you.


Received on Sunday, 10 March 2013 20:41:48 UTC