Re: TAG Comment on [Web Storage]

On 3/25/13 9:07 AM, ext Noah Mendelsohn wrote:
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> The TAG believes it is important to consider more carefully the potential
> advantages of providing a single facility to cover the use cases, of
> perhaps modularizing the architecture so that some parts are shared, 
> or if
> separate facilities are indeed the best design, providing common data
> access and manipulation APIs. If further careful analysis suggests 
> that no
> such integration is practical, then, at a minimum, each specification
> should discuss how it is positioned with respect to the other.
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> I am not entirely clear on what if anything the WebApps group decided 
> to do about this request. Would you please briefly clarify?

So I think the common view is that if Web Storage isn't the right tool, 
then use Indexed Database (also relatively broadly implemented e.g. see 

-Thanks, AB

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