Re: ACTION-788: F2F discussion of TAG liaison with ECMA TC39

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> Yehuda, you have:
> ACTION-788: on - Yehuda Katz - Frame F2F discussion of liaison with ECMA
> TC39 - Due: 2013-03-07 - OPEN
> Have you made any progress? Should we have a session? If you've been
> reading earlier emails from today you should have some idea of what I'll
> need. It is OK to just request a discussion, but in this case, I think we
> need to have someone (you?) give an organized introduction to get everyone
> up to speed:
> * What exactly is TC39 (most of us know in general)
> * Are there particular issues that might be of particular interest to the
> TAG, or is this just a proposal to sync up better in general?
> * Are there specific ideas for what we would do? If it's to track their
> work, how much time would that take, or do we have TAG members already
> doing it for their day jobs?

As I said on my last call, I plan to write a presentation for TAG, but
there aren't really required readings. I mostly want an open discussion
about better coordination across the organization.

There is a face-to-face meeting of the TC39 next week and I plan to raise
this with TC39 as well.

> etc.
> I need information on this soon to decide whether we have enough to
> schedule a F2F session. Thank you.
> Noah

Yehuda Katz
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