Re: Polyglot: the final thread?

On 13/03/2013 00:29 , Alex Russell wrote:
>   * */Nobody knows how popular it is./* The lack of signage, coupled
>     with default in-browser parsing as HTML means that few on any side
>     of the debate understand to what extent producers are creating this
>     sort of content. It's difficult to draw any conclusions about
>     importance based on a lack of information either way as a result.

Just FYI, I ran a quick and dirty XML parse on the Paciello dataset (a 
few thousand home pages taken from the top most visited sites  this is 
therefore very heavily skewed towards the actively and professionally 
maintained Web, but often useful nevertheless).

The proportion of polyglot documents was 569/8881 (non-polyglot: 
8311/8881), or roughly 6.4% vs 93.6%.

> As a result of all of the above, having (I hope) fairly weighed the
> arguments, I would like to recommend that we find a way to extricate
> ourself from the request. It doesn't matter to the future of Polyglot,
> and it does not, in my view, serve the TAG to be in the middle of this.
> Polyglot can have whatever future it will in the W3C without our group
> involvement.


Just because the polyglot discussion awakens some of the old XML/HTML 
politics doesn't mean it's architectural. At any rate there certainly 
are more pressing topics for the TAG to apply its energies to.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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