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> Alex and Yehuda:
> As we discussed on the call last week, you have
> ACTION-784: on - Alex Russell - with help from Yehuda to frame F2F
discussion of layering - Due: 2013-03-04 - OPEN
> Yehuda mentioned on the call that you are indeed working on this, and now
I need to be sure we have the appropriate agenda items and supporting
material in place. Since this is your first time framing an issue for the
TAG, I'll go into more detail than usual, starting with some general
background, then specifics.
> I assume that your interest here is to explore the possibility that the
TAG might undertake a project focusing on some aspects of system layering.
The general process is that you would prepare emails or other written
materials supporting your case, and with or without such materials, prepare
to make a presentation in person at the F2F. My goal here is to help you
get ready for that.

Thanks a lot. As a new member, I am definitely not fully aware of all the
norms around this sort of proposal.

> General
> -------
> * It's up to you, but one often gets better discussion at the F2F if
ideas are outlined first in email postings, blog postings, white papers,
etc. Please identify to me anything you'd like listed as required reading

I can let you know in the next couple of days. Alex and I wrote at length
about this in our election campaigns, and I will pull together some
representative samples today or tomorrow.

My presentation will also focus on a particular example; unfortunately, not
all of the specifications I will talk about are yet public. I will try to
get permission to send them along in the next few days at their current
level of completion.

> * The TAG requires that before we make a long-term investment in a
project, we agree on the sorts of information you'll find in the product
pages for our other projects [1]. That is basically: what are the goals of
the effort; what are more specific success criteria (e.g. who are we trying
to influence, what problems are we trying to prevent, what opportunities
are we trying to realize); what are the expected deliverables; who is
assigned? We do NOT need all of this immediately, and it's OK if it takes a
few months to get consensus that it's a good project. The more you can do
to convince other TAG members that we have good answers to these questions,
the more likely we are to agree to a project, and then to succeed with it.

Sounds great. I will think about these questions and address them, to the
best of my ability, in the presentation.

> * My experience is that we get a better start on these things if the
initial presentations are balanced and present multiple sides of a
question, at least if there is likely to be controversy in the community.
> Specifics
> ---------
> Alex and Yehuda: what I need from you in the next couple of days is:
> * Agreement from Yehuda that he will present on behalf of himself and
Alex, outlining the issues and giving initial ideas for what the TAG might
do. Again, please try to be balanced and present any contrary positions
you're aware of in the community.


> * Alert me to anything specific you'd like to have included in the F2F
agenda. I'm willing to devote multiple sessions to this, or at least to
leave slots free should we find the need for more than 60-90 mins.

Let's discuss this when we talk via voice.

> * I need any required reading you'd like other TAG members to review.

I'll get that to you tomorrow evening.

> * I need some guidance on the goals and background section for the
agenda. Use as your guide recent F2F agendas like the one at [2]. Note that
each item needs goals for the session, and links to any background (don't
be confused: after the meeting we link minutes from the agendas -- just
look at the agenda part of the table, and especially the specific sections
below the table).
> * I think it might be useful if the three of us had a brief discussion
this week to make sure planning for this session is coming together. Might
you be available for a few minutes? My schedule is crazy, but if you're
interested, we can work out times.

Both Alex and I will be at the Face to Face for TC39 all week, but we might
be able to make a conversation in the evening (although I wouldn't presume
to speak for Alex).

I assume we would want to do it earlier in the week; if evenings work, I
can do Tuesday.

> If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.
> Noah
> [1]
> [2]

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