Re: Revisiting Authoritative Metadata

* Robin Berjon wrote:
>I don't believe that we can fix what we already have (at least, it would 
>be very very hard). But we can prevent the issues from propagating 
>further by recommending some form of magic number for new data formats. 

If you are into magic numbers, you will know RIFF and FourCC codes. RIFF
is a container format used for various Microsoft multimedia formats like
WAV and AVI with various other uses and derivatives. The magic number is
"RIFF" encoded using US-ASCII at the beginning of a file. Making "WebP",
Google felt that using RIFF as container format is a good idea.

As far as I am aware, Google failed to understand and implement RIFF as
specified and you cannot actually parse and generate "WebP" images as if
they were RIFF containers. This kind of screw-up (if it is indeed one,
my analysis may well be incorrect) is perfectly normal and expected, and
it's not hard to come up with all sorts of similar problems, like people
re-using GUIDs when they should not, in all sorts of contexts.
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