Re: ACTION-786: Marcos to frame TAG F2F discussion of Javascript APIs

On Monday, 11 March 2013 at 13:04, Noah Mendelsohn wrote:

> OK, if that's your preference, it's probably best. Still: history suggests
> that we do best if we come out of our F2F meetings with a small number
> (3-5) of top priority projects on which we can really focus. This meeting
> we come in with a relatively clean slate, and choosing the best topics is
> one of the most important things we do. So, if this seems on the merits
> like such a priority (I'm not sure), we should try to find away to jump
> start it ASAP, before everyone gets assigned to other things.
> I'm neutral on the merits of this one, but my experience is that projects
> mostly get formed at F2F meetings. With luck, we'll have another late May
> or June, but I do want to get us focused on a good work plan ASAP.

Sure, lets see what comes out of the F2F. 

Marcos Caceres

Received on Monday, 11 March 2013 15:16:27 UTC