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"Publishing and Linking": roles of intermediaries Larry Masinter (Friday, 29 June)

ISSUE-63 and recent work on provenance Jonathan A Rees (Friday, 29 June)

ACTION-727 ashok malhotra (Friday, 29 June)

publishing and linking Larry Masinter (Friday, 29 June)

Draft TAG minutes from telcon of 2012-06-21 Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 28 June)

Draft minutes of the Thurs 14th June 2012 TAG F2F Linss, Peter (Wednesday, 27 June)

Registration of acct: as a URI scheme has been requested Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 20 June)

US Congressmen send letter on Do Not Track to W3C Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 20 June)

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 21 June 2012 Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 19 June)

Publishing and Linking - Some thoughts for Thursday ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 19 June)

Draft minutes of Wed 13th June 2012 TAG F2F Jeni Tennison (Tuesday, 19 June)

Early heads-up on agenda and scribing for this week's TAG telcon Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 18 June)

Fwd: The enc: URL scheme Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 14 June)

Meteor: server/client code/data synchronisation Jeni Tennison (Thursday, 14 June)

What would count as good measurements wrt the utility of SPDY? Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 13 June)

2004 update to TAG charter Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 13 June)

SPDY benchmarking Jeni Tennison (Wednesday, 13 June)

XML-ER thoughts for input to TAG f2f discussion tomorrow Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 12 June)

Text for Metaformats W3C page Jeni Tennison (Tuesday, 12 June)

acct: scheme thread Henry S. Thompson (Tuesday, 12 June)

W3C TAG to review draft on Best Practices for Fragment Identifiers and Media Type Definitions Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 11 June)

Fwd: Re: App Cache ashok malhotra (Monday, 11 June)

Agenda for TAG F2F of 12-14 June 2012 Noah Mendelsohn (Saturday, 9 June)

Net Neutrality & Web Content providers installing servers at ISPs Noah Mendelsohn (Saturday, 9 June)

Client-side storage Robin Berjon (Friday, 8 June)

Patterns and pitfalls in storage synchronisation Robin Berjon (Friday, 8 June)

ni: URI scheme in last call Jonathan A Rees (Friday, 8 June)

Reading list: updated APIs and privacy draft Robin Berjon (Thursday, 7 June)

revised "URI documentation discovery" product page Jonathan A Rees (Wednesday, 6 June)

TAG call of 7 June is cancelled Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 6 June)

Firefox 13 ships with SPDY enabled by default Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 5 June)

Work-in-progress agenda and required reading for TAG F2F Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 5 June)

additional issue-57 use case: polysemy Jonathan A Rees (Tuesday, 5 June)

ACTION-647: Robin to draft updated product page/plan for TAG work on storage Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 5 June)

Question from IETF's Interenet Architecture Board (IAB) web apps, native apps, web-based apps Larry Masinter (Monday, 4 June)

ACTION-478: Persistence of references...discuss at F2F Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 4 June)

ACTION-711: CSS vendor prefix session at TAG F2F Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 4 June)

Re: ACTION-694: Introduction to http+aes scheme discussion Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 4 June)

Misunderstanding documentation protocols Jonathan A Rees (Friday, 1 June)

ISSUE-50 Fwd: [ietf-secretariat@ietf.org: New Non-WG Mailing List: dsii -- Data Set Identifier Interoperability] Jonathan A Rees (Friday, 1 June)

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