Re: Registration of acct: as a URI scheme has been requested

On 6/23/12 6:49 PM, Nathan wrote:
> I commend your use of URIs, however I still can't see what clear 
> utility the proposed 'acct:' scheme brings to the broad internet 
> community, beyond that which is already available. 
To be a little clearer, do the following:

1. goto:
2. click on anchor associated with About: .

#2 doesn't resolve because your browser doesn't have a handler for the 
URI scheme, but that doesn't negate its use re. Linked Data per se. If I 
had a mailto: scheme URI in place your browser will invoke an email client.


Custom handlers are part of the Web. Unfortunately, browser myopia is 
cloaking their utility, so the world is going to get beyond browsers via 
mobile platforms plugged into the Web. When this happens, the full 
potential of URIs will be easier for others to appreciate. Linked Data, 
smart Agents etc.. will blossom. Most important of all, we'll stop 
arguing about the wrong things :-)



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