Re: Misunderstanding documentation protocols

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> Hi Jonathan:
> This is useful.
> So, you send W to a server and the server responds with ND(W).
> The function W-> ND(W) is whatever the server implements.  You
> could get different mappings from different servers
> So, it has to be receiver/user beware.
> The server MAY say something like "my NDs are authoritative based on
> OED" and if they are not you have legal recourse but that is outside the
> protocol.
> I don't know why you go down this alley.  I don't think it is relevant.
>> Obviously the creation of the protocol won't change the meaning of
>> messages written in English before the protocol definition was
>> published, and it will not have a role in the meaning of new messages
>> where the author of the message is not aware of the protocol.

Larry claimed that I believed meaning was determined by dictionaries,
and he went to some effort to try to straighten me out. I wrote this
"obviously" sentence, which I agree should not have been required, in
order to clarify that I do not believe this.


> All the best, Ashok

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