Re: additional issue-57 use case: polysemy

Pat Hayes writes:

> On Jun 5, 2012, at 11:23 AM, Henry S. Thompson wrote:

>> in fact uses _three_ IRIs, namely "ex:TimeDependentProperty",
>> "rdf:type" and "rdfs:Class", right?  So how do I know which of these
>> is actually _in_ the extension?
> All extensions extend RDF, so have the rdf: vocabulary in them. I am
> here assuming that TimeDependentProperty extends RDFS. This is a
> pretty conservative assumption.

OK, thanks.

>>  I.e. for which ones does their use in
>> a graph which inherits ex:TimeDependentProperty require appealing to
>> the constraints defined in that extension?
> All of them. Extensions are nested in a global DAG of
> inheritance. In this example, we have RDF <= RDFS <=
> TimeDependentProperty, where <= indicates 'is inherited by'.

Right.  So it follows that every extension graph in fact _must_
either 'own' or inherit all the URIs it contains.  And the only way to
tell which ones it 'owns' is by eliminating all the ones it inherits?

Wrt both this and my earlier use/mention comment, I was just assuming
that an extension graph would contain a bunch of triples of the form

 <> xx:owns ""


 <> xx:ownsAll ""

or some such.  But I see that's not your intention at all.


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