Re: Registration of acct: as a URI scheme has been requested

On 6/22/12 1:02 PM, Harry Halpin wrote:
> It seems like it would be better to use just mailto: (i.e., the 
> original WebFinger design was around *email addresses*, not accounts 
> per se) or a http: URI rather than mint a whole new scheme.
Here's why mailto: won't work. Most user agents will invoke an email 
client app. Remember, this is about using the URI as a name rather than 
data locator or access mechanism. That's the reason my acct: is 
required. Basically, follow-your-nose linked data traversal (with 
alternative URI resolvers hooked in via host-metadata pattern usage) 
without unintended consequences i.e., de-reference the next chunk of 
data etc...



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