additional issue-57 use case: polysemy

I added a new use case
to the use case list and to the matrix

Thanks to Larry Masinter for this one. I have no doubt distorted the
use case description in trying to make it fit in with the comparison
framework, so he is not to blame for any deficiencies in what is
written.  Also the way I have filled in the matrix is somewhat
arbitrary, and I welcome arguments for changing its matrix entries.

I think that there are possible issues, probably related to type
analysis or other kinds of inferences, with the 'punning' approaches
(for which I have not yet received a definite proposal) that are not
called out by any use case. I welcome use cases that would call out
any such difficulties, in anticipation of the reception of a 'punning'

Sorry for the radio silence. The issue is getting quite a bit of
attention behind the scenes and we hope to have something to say about
it soon.


Received on Tuesday, 5 June 2012 00:48:33 UTC