Re: Registration of acct: as a URI scheme has been requested

On 6/25/12 9:06 AM, Nathan wrote:
> The meta-point is that unless a *new behavior* is specified, there should
> not be a new URI scheme.

Here is a new behavior for everyone: using an intuitive mechanism for 
naming real-world entities where said mechanism also resolves to web 
resource that are for all intents and purposes is a simulcurum (a kind 
of data object) of the named real-world entity.

Again, this is about creating simulacra  for the Web medium that are 
accessible by name or resource address where the name doesn't have to be 
an http: scheme URI.

And if somehow this just cannot be understood in the Web context, then 
s/Web/Internet in the statement above. Basically, Internet-scale 
simulacra  where names and resolvers are loosely coupled.

The scope of *new behavior* is what? On what basis is negating HTTP a so 
called a new behavior? Just because we have a bunch of myopic (http: 
scheme specific) user agents dominating the Web experience? Again, watch 
what happens on the mobile front where browsers style of user agent will 
never dominate the Web experience.





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