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"embedded" XSL

021115 Snapshot bugs

<object> in XHTML 1.1

[Announcement] Amaya 7.0

[Announcement] Amaya 7.1

[Announcement] Amaya snapshots

[Announcement] rpm packages for Amaya 7.1

[CFP] 1st Amaya Welcome Page Competition

[Fwd: Re: Amaya GL version]

[www-amaya] <none>

a failed attempt to isolate browse problem

Adding text next to an image, placement problem......

Align attribute on image Re: Version 7.1 bug report

alt="text' not displayed when image file missing

Alternate stylesheets in Amaya 6.4

Amaya 021028 Win98 Snapshot bugs and questions

Amaya 6.3 - bug in IMG parsing?

Amaya 6.4 bug due to a redundant semicolon in CSS file

Amaya 6.4 bug: class names

Amaya 6.4 File writing bug?!?

Amaya 6.4 SVG problems

Amaya 7 not showing monotype font, fast fix

Amaya 7.0 bombs when browsing

Amaya 7.0 download

Amaya 7.0 windoze

Amaya 7.0: user authentication cache/upload problem?

Amaya 7.1

Amaya 7.1 bug report

Amaya 7.1 bugreport

amaya 7.1 NT no launch

Amaya 7.1-Howto with UNICODE

amaya and validator.w3.org

amaya bug report

Amaya Capabilities and Preferences

Amaya Contest

Amaya GL does not rewrap on resize

Amaya parser misses badly formed code

Amaya Setup suggestion

Amaya/contest: invalid sample?


Background Color - Gray Only?

Bug concerning tables

Bug in 7.1 for saving files

Bug In Amaya 6.4

bug in amaya GTK 6.4/: Not saving annotations

Bug in assigning name/id values

Bug report: Error messages not readable

bug tracking

Bug?: No Startup because of incorrect amaya.css (Amaya7.1 W98)

Bugreport: Amaya 7.0 / W2K / crash by menu

Bugreport: Amaya 7.0 / W2K / start

bugs 7.1

Bugs and Wishlist

Centering tables

Copy/paste not working for URL

Crash when editing SVG within XHTML 1.1

css error is not really an error !!!

css renderings ---> consistency (joke joke)

css style error flagging

css style problem in amaya 6.4

cut and paste of URI fails

cut and paste still acting funny

cutting and pasting

demo url for illustration

disabled attribute for select element

DOCTYPE in structure view

Edit / Transform... broken in Amaya 6.4

escape codes for extended characters/OpenGL display issues

Export CF/LF fails in Amaya 7 WinXP

File types in Amaya 6.4

float for W3C front page

focus during attribute creation

further checks of browse button -- document open

FYI: libpng 1.2


How change font??

HTTP stack implementation

i18n filenames on W2K

id on text input controls

images not displaying

Internal graphics libs problems

invalid attribute in XHTML 1.1

invalid button element

invalid color from css

Issue with Background image

kMaEm5GCKJl2liZeEI 養眼吧!


loss of background color on cascaded style

Mathematical characters

Missing space

Missing space [missing image]

monospace character set

my menu not reacting to class="sb"

my sitemap.htm page

name/id attributes for textarea element

new document ---browse mode

new html pages for validator

OpenGL vs. DirectX

Opening a CSS file with Amaya 6.4

opening files with extension != htm

parse error for valid language tag for script element

parser missing an html error

Preference Menu bug in 6.4+

printer issue

Problem copying text from Open field

Problem with MathMl in Amaya

proxy and crash

recognition of <u> element in HTML 4.01 Strict mode

Red Hat 8.0 + Amaya 7.0

Removing the href attribute from the a element does not reset the color of the a element

Right Tools RE: Promotion of XHTML

should inform others in w3.org

Simple question

sitemap page - yes virginia there is a problem

smaller image files


snapshot of Amaya on Windows

snapshot version

some hr questions

something wrong in 6.4

SVG lines not refreshed on W2K

tableless columns ...

text input rendered too tall

the 'look' of pages in Amaya

The spanish lang attribute.

three wishes for a new years browser

Transform command launching Spell Checker

using info from the windows desktop shortcut...

validation errors -- amaya or site problem

Version 7.1 bug report

Width of em is larger than width of "m" or "M"

Windows Install

Windows Install -II-

Windows Version Crashing when computer accesses hard drive.

Windows: Amaya 6.4 trouble with creating a link & <br /> not resi zing cell

XML 1.0 SE Conformance Error



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