Re: monospace character set

I have added snapshots of what i see using windows 98.  Notice the
large gaps in the amaya shot that do not exist in the Phoenix one...
I would be interested in what platform you have  and what method
you use to set Amaya generic family types ....  the css uses generic
monospace ... and if i can set to those used by other browsers, i would
be very happy...  right now the preformat is very disturbing when compared
to other browsers. 

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John Russell wrote:

Hi, John

I'm seeing the page with Netscape 7, MSIE 5.5 and Amaya, and it looks 
almost the same with all three browsers in my W2K workstation.
I've compared spacially the part of the page with the teapot row.

I have set all browsers to render monospace with Lucida Console, but I'm 
sure it would be the same with Courier New, the default mono font.


Juan Lanus

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