Re: Amaya Setup suggestion

If it's part of an installation program/wizard, just make a dialog with 
no title, and each language named in that language. Most people will 
work out that they should choose the option they can read, not any of 
the ones they can't.

    * English
    * Franšais
    * Espa˝ol
    * Deutsch

If you wanted to the really clever, the OK button would change name with 
the current selection :-)


On 16/10/02 05:24 AM, BartolomÚ Sintes Marco wrote:

> >  I only wonder in what language to ask the user what language she/he 
> likes...
> Something like: Choose your language: English /  Choisissez votre 
> langue: Franšais /
> Escoja su idioma: Espa˝ol /   Wńhlen Sie Ihre Sprache: Deutsch / etc.

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