Re: Right Tools RE: Promotion of XHTML

Karl Dubost wrote:

> * Editing Tools
> How to achieve this semantic mark-up without annoying the users? It 
> will be a kind of Christmas wish list.
> 1. I DO NOT want an editor which says "add a strong", "add a 
> blockquote", etc...
> 2. I DO NOT want an editor which says "make it bold", "indent your 
> text on the right"
> 3. I want an editor where I can write plain text.
> 4. I want a logical editor
> When I want to add a title to my document like it doesn't have a 
> possibility of styling the document for example with an element 
> "strong" or with a font face thingy.
>     I want "add a title" and when I do that, it put a h1 element at 
> the top of the page, but I don't even know that's an h1. If I want I 
> can precise the style of the h1, and it will create a css with the 
> style chosen and that will define the style for h1 { ... }
>     In the menu, I can have "add a section", "add a citation", etc...
> For example, When I add a citation, I will have a pop-up window in my 
> browser and will have the possibility to give the text and URIs and 
> depending on the context it will add a q or a blockquote, with the 
> cite at the right place. The problems with the HTML 4.01 Specification 
> is the precise use of the markup is not enough explain to make the 
> implementer's life easy.
> For example, we can say I want to insert a piece of code in my 
> webpage. What the developper must implement?
> <pre>
> while (1) :
>         print "Hello World";
> </pre>
> or
> <pre><code>
> while (1) :
>         print "Hello World";
> </code></pre>
> or .... etc.

Isn't the Amaya project a "testbed for W3C technologies".  In my 
opinion, that means it should not only implement HTML, XHTML, MathML, 
SVG, CSS, etc., but it should also be a model browser and a model 
editor.  However, it doesn't seem that a significant amount of people 
use Amaya and only about three people develop on it.  Once you get 
beyond the learning curve of it, it is a tool that writes documents that 
are fairly well structured.  However, it fails Karl's first two points.  
We should encourage its usage and development to make it that model tool 
for both developers and users.

Brant Langer Gurganus

Received on Tuesday, 31 December 2002 10:49:19 UTC