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Re: Missing space

From: Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo <emmanuelle@sidar.org>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 13:24:28 +0100
Message-ID: <00cb01c2aa7e$413ca590$114225d5@emmanuelle1>
To: "Jose Carlos Santos" <jcsantos@fc.up.pt>, <www-amaya@w3.org>

Hi Jose Carlos and Juan:

I don't really know why it happens that in Amaya, or better, why it
happened, because today I have tried to reproduce it and I have not gotten
it. But I believe that the element <strong> it is a structural markup and I
don't believe that a space is structural information. I believe that if what
is wanted is to include the space to obtain a certain presentation effect,
it should use the element <span> in the following way:
<span style = font-weight: bold">Note: </span>Note </p>

Best regards,
P.S.: Jose Carlos: Boas festas. Juan: Felices fiestas :-)

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From: "Jose Carlos Santos" <jcsantos@fc.up.pt>
To: "Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo" <emmanuelle@sidar.org>;
Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2002 6:35 PM
Subject: Re: Missing space

| > Hi José Carlos / Hola José Carlos
| >
| > I don't believe that that effect is a " bug ", simply, how sense has
| > the space is marked as <strong>?
| If I type <strong>a b</strong> then I get a space between "a" and "b".
| Why don't I get a space when I put a space just before </strong>?
| > If you put the code in the following way you will obtain the wanted
| > <p><strong>Note:</strong> Note.</p>
| > And I believe that that is the correct form of making it, because the
| > in any case will be something as important as to go marked as <strong>
| I do not see why this form is more correct than the one that I have
| I also do not understand why do you say that, in your suggestion, the
| "will be something as important as to go marked as <strong>". Finally,
| and the most important aspect of this, according to the HTML rules the
| space should appear.
| Thanks, but I am portuguese.
| Best regards
| Jose Carlos Santos
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