Adding text next to an image, placement problem......

Trying to add text (a date) to the right of the "new-yellow.gif" file.  I
place the cursor to the right of the image and I can see the cursor there. I
start typing and the text starts to appears to the left of the image.  I can
place the cursor and using the right arrow key to place the cursor to the
right of the image.  When I start typing, the text again starts to appear on
the left side of the image.  Deleting <strong> and </strong> on both sides
of the <br /> on lines 538 and 539 will not fix the problem.
Page Address:
535    <tr>
536      <td><p>#29&nbsp;<strong><a href="ra/Funfone-The_Runaway.ram">The
537        Runaway</a></strong> Time 4:57<img alt="New"
538        src="images/new-yellow.gif" /><strong><br />
539        </strong>Artur P. Telephony's son runs away and shows up at Stu's
540        apartment.<br />
541        <em>Copied From The Original Tape</em></p>
542      </td>
543    </tr>

		Ronald L. Gibson

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