Re: Bug?: No Startup because of incorrect amaya.css (Amaya7.1 W98)

On Tue, 17. Dec 2002 15:57 +0100 (Irene Vatton) wrote:
> > The file contains one line:
> > ..comment p {font-size: smaller}
> "..comment p" is not a valid selector. When I test it, Amaya reports
> an error and doesn't crash.

Well, I am sorry, that was a stupid typo.
It sais ".comment p"

When I test this in an style-element within a document header, amaya
does not report any parsing error. So I assume it ist correct.

The phenomenon is not restricted to the class "comment" and the
paragraph-element. It does the same with
".peter li". If the style definition is in the style-element in the document
header this works fine. If the style definintion is put in amaya.css  amaya
does not start.

This means that calling amaya.exe does not do anything visible on the GUI.
It does some HD-rumble the fist time but amaya is not present in the

I hope this description is comprehensible,

Happy Xmas!

Received on Friday, 20 December 2002 11:35:08 UTC