Re: something wrong in 6.4

> Hello All!!!
> I'm using Amaya 6.4 on a RH7.2 box. Something strange happens when I update a pagr with a long table
> (see
> I use the View->Source option to edit the file, then I save the job via Save. When I want to close the window, again I'm required to confirm Save-Don't Save-Cancel (or something like this). To leave the window I'm obliged to use Don't Save option. In File the option Save is active
> even if I've saved the document.
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> Ciao. Stefano			-wmw-

Hello Stefano.

It's very odd. I have never seen such a bug before, we have never received a 
report mentionning it. I have tested a local version of your document and I 
can't reproduce it. Does it arrive for this document only, for a remote source 
save only or also for a Save from the formatted view ?



Received on Monday, 21 October 2002 05:55:37 UTC