Re: Layers

I might be a little dense, but layers have never been a proprietary part
of Netscape.  Layers have always been supported by CSS  compliant
browsers.  I, too, had questions about why Amaya doesn't support the CSS
attribute of position.  Why doesn't Amaya support the standards?
I would have thought that Amaya, being a tool created by the W3C, would
be one that incorporated the standards.  Based upon what I see in the
presentations and the design layouts of pages created with Amaya someone
apparently thought that the way to go was to create a free version of
FrontPage.  I hope this tool gets much better and starts supporting the
standards we work so hard at developing.
If we can't support the standards we develop, may I suggest we dispose
of this tool and cease saying it is the best thing out there.  There are
a lot of people that devote a lot of their time to making the Internet
better.  Certainly, the Amaya tool should be as good in handling the
standards as a person that writes code by hand.  If Macromedia can do it
Amaya should be able to do it.
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Layers are a proprietary feature introduced by Netscape.  The new
version of

Netscape does not even support them, let alone Amaya.
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