021115 Snapshot bugs


I have downloaded the Windows NT 021115 snapshot. I have installed this
in my Windows 98 SE computer and it works. What is the difference between
Windows NT and the Windows 98 versions?

There are still some bugs that make Amaya very uncomfortable. I hope these
bugs will
be addressed before the next release:

- It is a English-only version. I can use Amaya in English, but Amaya can
not use my
  non-English directory names and non-English characters in attributes.

- I can not set new attributes (for instance, I can not give a class to a
paragraph). I type,
   but characters are not shown. If the attribute is already set (in source
view, for instance)
   then I can not write at the end of the attricute, but only at the
begining or in the middle.
   Curious example of this situation: I select a link (with F2) already
defined.. If I select
   Links >  Create or change Links, I can write at the end of the link But
if I select
   Attributes > href, then I can not write at the end of the href.

- The "End" key does not work properly. The insertion point is lost and the
text moves to the
  end of the file.

Best regards
Barto - http://www.mclibre.org

Received on Tuesday, 19 November 2002 15:37:36 UTC