Re: bugs 7.1

Jochem Heicke wrote:
> After installing 7.1 LINUX version which at least started I can not help 
> but show my disappointment.
> The editor display is garbled and does not show the last part of the 
> file after synchronising.

Could you provide an example of a file with that problem?
That would help to understand what happens.

> It seems that I totally misunderstand the use of <pre> tags now for years.
> Mozilla changes newlines inside a <pre> block to <br />

Yes, I have just checked. That's a strange behaviour. I don't see any
reason to make that change. In a <pre>, a newline is enough to indicate
a line break and it is perfectly valid.

> Amaya inserts a newline after a <br /> on every save.

Right. That's to make the source code more readable. But this is an issue
within a <pre>, especially when Mozilla has turned all newlines into
<br/> elements.

I have made a change in the CVS base. Newlines are no longer inserted
after <br/> elements within a <pre>.

> So most of my files became unusable and had to be edited with a text editor.
> Also AMAYA forces a maximum lenght of line inside a pre tag to be about 
> 60 chars and inserts a newline.

Are you sure? I have tried and the only newlines Amaya added within a <pre>
where after the <br/> (but that's fixed now).

> It seems there are about 50 people left which are interested in a w3c - 
> conformant editor.
> Jochem Heicke


Received on Monday, 30 December 2002 05:41:43 UTC