Re: bugs 7.1

> It seems there are about 50 people left which are interested in a w3c - 
> conformant editor.

I'm one of them. I need not be but I am.
I use Amaya all day every day to write all I write: log my software 
development work, document programs and systems, write articles, etc.
Amaya fails, it's far from being perfect. I could stop using it whenever 
I want to but I don't because of the great value it has to me.
Having a hyperlinked web of docs is fantastic. Being able to write it 
with the same tool I read is the value.
With TopPage I could write fancy pages but not navigate them with ease, 
with Netscape I always could read |or|edit| pages -only in separate 
windows tools-.
Amaya is ideal for me and I appreciate it very much, and every time I 
have an opportunity I thank the developers, every time I find a problem 
I try to help solving it.
The other 49 people do more or less the same   :-)

Juan Lanus

Received on Monday, 30 December 2002 23:53:54 UTC