Re: css style problem in amaya 6.4

John Russell wrote:
> I am trying to use images for bullets in lists.....
> ul {list-style:url(images/chckmark.gif)  does not 
> work in Amaya 6.4  but works ok
>  in msie6.0, netscape7.0,opera6.05 but not netscape 4.78

This feature is not yet implemented in Amaya.

> also hr {text-align:left} does not work when it is
> item within a list element. this works ok
> in msie6.0,opera6.05,netscape 4.78  but not netscape 7.0

I think Amaya is right. The CSS specification at

says that the text-align property "describes how inline content
of a block is aligned". hr is a block but it has no content.
So, the text-align property does not change anything.
You could also consider associating the text-align property
with the li element. But it would not work either, as hr is
a block element, according to the HTML DTD, and the property
only concerns inline content.


> all on windows 98 o/s,  no parsing errors indicated !!  //
> John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA
> (2 L's as in LLAMA)
> check HTML at
> check CSS at
> check JavaScript at

Received on Saturday, 5 October 2002 04:53:11 UTC