Re: Amaya 6.3 - bug in IMG parsing?

Amaya currently doesn't support rendering of floating elements.

In fact the "correct" way to do these is with the CSS property float -
something like

  img.leftside { float: left }

Which works in virtually every CSS-capable browser (except Amaya and iCab)
and can be equally applied to HTML elements - for example the menus on pages
like use a rule like

  div.sidebar { float: right }

Amaya doesn't complain about you using this CSS, and using Amaya means you
can ensure that it will work in environments which don't support CSS (many
mobile systems or voice interaction systems, for example), if you can imagine
the results.

But I too wish that float was implemented...


Charles McCN

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Mogens Dybaek Christensen wrote:

>box. OK fine.
>A construct that always has worked, and still does in other browsers,
>fails in Amaya:
><IMG SRC="EmmausIkonSmall.jpg" NAME="Graphic1" ALIGN=LEFT BORDER=0>
>The text following the image does not wrap around the image. Instead it
>starts at the lower right corner of the image.
>I know the ALIGN construct is deprecated, but actually I cannot find any
>working alternative in the spec. HTML Tidy accecpts the construct
>without warning. A Tidy-cleaned version of my file fails too in Amaya.
>Amaya has disappointed me a bit. I had hoped it was my way to simpler
>and maintainable WEB pages with CSS, but just now it does not look like
>"production" tool. This is a pity, since I really don't want to go with
>a vendor/platform specific tool.
>I make homepages for a couple of grassroot groups, and till now I have
>used emacs/html-helper-mode for most of it, StarOffice when WYSIWYG is
>needed for layout.

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