Amaya 021028 Win98 Snapshot bugs and questions


Some Amaya 021028 Win98 Snapshot bugs and questions:

1. The End key does not work.
2. Ctrl+right arrow does not work properly. If open Amaya, it works,
but after a while it does not work (the same behaviour as in Amaya 6.4)
2. I have changed the dialogue language to Spanish and then the Amaya
default page has changed to C:\Program Files\Amaya\Windows\bin\Ě.
Then, it does not show neither the default page neither the addres bar.
Changing to English does not solve the problem.
3. I can not copy from the address bar

1. Is it adviced to uninstall previous Amaya installation?
2. What is the new timeline window for?

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Received on Monday, 28 October 2002 13:45:57 UTC