Re: parser missing an html error

On Tue, 08 Oct 2002 07:59:59 -0400
"John Russell" <> wrote:

> Isn't the parser supposed to flag errors in html constructs.
> I had been using ones like
> <h2 id="x"><a name="x"></a>Topic Heading</a>
> to give a target anchor for both old and new browsers
> (the null instead of 'a' spanning the caption is to avoid
> a known netscape 4 quirk.  But my first use of the 
> link checker bled so much red that i had to refill
> the video's supply ;-] ;-]    I contacted
>   Bjoern Hoehrmann <> and he explained
> that it was a duplicate id problem.  Neither Amaya nor the
> w3 validator flag this problem and i was lulled into a false sense
> that i had done things correctly.  Is there a reason why Amaya
> does not warn on duplicate id problems. 

Amaya avoids to generate duplicate ids but doesn't check existing 

> Just trying to do things correctly as far as the recommendation
> states.  Anticipating this will ease path to XHTML  and trying
> to emphasise conformance in my Web Authoring classes. 
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