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[whatwg] audio and video: volume and muted as content attributes? Silvia Pfeiffer (Monday, 31 May)

[whatwg] JSON-LD - Universal Linked Data markup for Web Services Manu Sporny (Sunday, 30 May)

[whatwg] "entry script" Perry Smith (Sunday, 30 May)

[whatwg] My proposal of a subtitle format via an XML-like markup (in progress) Carlos Andrés Solís (Sunday, 30 May)

[whatwg] Proposal: <audio> and text/event-stream Charles Pritchard (Saturday, 29 May)

[whatwg] Exposing framerate / statistics of <video> playback Ian Fette (Friday, 28 May)

[whatwg] Problem with Michael A. Puls II (Thursday, 27 May)

[whatwg] Installable web apps Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 26 May)

[whatwg] A standard for adaptive HTTP streaming for media resources Silvia Pfeiffer (Tuesday, 25 May)

[whatwg] Installable web apps Aaron Boodman (Monday, 24 May)

[whatwg] Questions about the progress element Mounir Lamouri (Monday, 24 May)

[whatwg] Canvas and Image problems Schalk Neethling (Sunday, 23 May)

[whatwg] On implementing videos with multiple tracks in HTML5 Carlos Andrés Solís (Sunday, 23 May)

[whatwg] On the subtitle format for HTML5 Carlos Andrés Solís (Sunday, 23 May)

[whatwg] CSS2 system colors in legacy color values L. David Baron (Saturday, 22 May)

[whatwg] whatwg Digest, Vol 74, Issue 53 Saurabh Jain (Saturday, 22 May)

[whatwg] Built-in image sprite support in HTML5 David Weitzman (Friday, 21 May)

[whatwg] WebSocket: host in server's handshake Simon Pieters (Friday, 21 May)

[whatwg] <device> element, streams and peer-to-peer connections Nicklas Sandgren (Friday, 21 May)

[whatwg] forwarded: Google opens VP8 video codec David Gerard (Thursday, 20 May)

[whatwg] Video with MIME type application/octet-stream Robert O'Callahan (Thursday, 20 May)

[whatwg] forwarded: Google opens VP8 video codec James Salsman (Wednesday, 19 May)

[whatwg] Need more diagnostic information for ApplicationCache events Patrick Mueller (Wednesday, 19 May)

[whatwg] Fwd: <INCLUDE> and links with @rel=embed Bjartur Thorlacius (Wednesday, 19 May)

[whatwg] Java language bindings for HTML5 Kühn Wolfgang (Wednesday, 19 May)

[whatwg] ProgressEvent for appcache - loadedItems vs loaded Patrick Mueller (Tuesday, 18 May)

[whatwg] Should scripts and plugins in contenteditable content be enabled or disabled? Ojan Vafai (Tuesday, 18 May)

[whatwg] <INCLUDE> and links with @rel=embed bjartur (Tuesday, 18 May)

[whatwg] Window events that bubble? David Flanagan (Monday, 17 May)

[whatwg] Timestamp from video source in order to sync (e.g. expose OGG timestamp to javascript) Odin Omdal Hørthe (Monday, 17 May)

[whatwg] Speech input element Bjorn Bringert (Monday, 17 May)

[whatwg] Java language bindings for HTML5 Kühn Wolfgang (Monday, 17 May)

[whatwg] Element-related feedback; attribution element Jim Jewett (Saturday, 15 May)

[whatwg] HTML5 Offline web applications & file upload Alexandre Thiel (Friday, 14 May)

[whatwg] The form attribute (Association of controls and forms) Mounir Lamouri (Friday, 14 May)

[whatwg] Changing punctuation value of input element in telephone state Martin Atkins (Thursday, 13 May)

[whatwg] Directory upload via <input type="file" directory> Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 12 May)

[whatwg] WebSockets: what to do when there are too many open connections Simon Pieters (Wednesday, 12 May)

[whatwg] [ogg-dev] HTML5 audio tag Silvia Pfeiffer (Tuesday, 11 May)

[whatwg] Image resize API proposal Sterling Swigart (Tuesday, 11 May)

[whatwg] Audio Panning - Bump Eoin Kilfeather (Tuesday, 11 May)

[whatwg] New File attributes creationDate, modificationDate and size J Ross Nicoll (Tuesday, 11 May)

[whatwg] Paragraphs in blockquotes Richard Clark (Tuesday, 11 May)

[whatwg] getElementById Perry Smith (Tuesday, 11 May)

[whatwg] meta="encrypt" tag is needed Juuso Hukkanen (Monday, 10 May)

[whatwg] getElementById Perry Smith (Monday, 10 May)

[whatwg] E-learning content format narendra sisodiya (Monday, 10 May)

[whatwg] Request for new DOM property textarea.selectionText Biju (Monday, 10 May)

[whatwg] Avoiding new globals in HTML5 ECMAScript Brett Zamir (Monday, 10 May)

[whatwg] Need document.available_fonts() call JustFillBug (Monday, 10 May)

[whatwg] Security thoughts Perry Smith (Sunday, 9 May)

[whatwg] syncronous device upload James Salsman (Saturday, 8 May)

[whatwg] meta="encrypt" tag is needed Juuso Hukkanen (Saturday, 8 May)

[whatwg] meta="encrypt" tag is needed Juuso Hukkanen (Friday, 7 May)

[whatwg] meta="encrypt" tag is needed Juuso Hukkanen (Friday, 7 May)

[whatwg] meta="encrypt" tag is needed Frank Migacz (Friday, 7 May)

[whatwg] WebSocket set-cookie Simon Pieters (Friday, 7 May)

[whatwg] RFC: <input type="username"> David Goss (Friday, 7 May)

[whatwg] WebSocket handshake: 0x0D in first "line" Simon Pieters (Friday, 7 May)

[whatwg] WebSocket: garbage collection Simon Pieters (Thursday, 6 May)

[whatwg] meta="encrypt" tag is needed (Thursday, 6 May)

[whatwg] Expanding the cite element Simpson, Grant Leyton (Thursday, 6 May)

[whatwg] Questions about meter element (Wednesday, 5 May)

[whatwg] Input URL State and Files object Charles Pritchard (Wednesday, 5 May)

[whatwg] aspect-ratio CSS rule? Julien Cayzac (Wednesday, 5 May)

[whatwg] onshow event Perry Smith (Wednesday, 5 May)

[whatwg] why double downloading of ogg videos ? Julian Reschke (Tuesday, 4 May)

[whatwg] Ping + Ping-prefix meta element. Julian Reschke (Tuesday, 4 May)

[whatwg] WebSockets cookies Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 4 May)

[whatwg] RFC: <input type="username"> Eitan Adler (Tuesday, 4 May)

[whatwg] Do we really need to introduce a <device> element for giving access to webcams and mikes? Julien Cayzac (Tuesday, 4 May)

[whatwg] Real-time networking in web applications and games Mark Frohnmayer (Monday, 3 May)

[whatwg] The Rapidly Approaching Dawn of data uri Charles Pritchard (Monday, 3 May)

[whatwg] suggestion for HTML5 spec (Sunday, 2 May)

[whatwg] The real issue with HTML5's sectioning model Eduard Pascual (Saturday, 1 May)

[whatwg] Headings and sections, role of H2-H6 Nikita Popov (Saturday, 1 May)

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