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[admin] Moving Custom Elements bugs to Github [Was: Re: Custom Elements bugs will be also migrated]

[Bug 10000] Allow expressions in addition to keyPaths when creating indexes

[Bug 11528] We should add some form of dynamic transaction to IndexedDB

[Bug 16137] IndexedDB: Add API for enumerating databases

[Bug 16502] Define multiple monitor support and per-subdomain

[Bug 21066] Provide an event path API

[Bug 21836] Remove NotSupportedError on creating index for multiEntry index with array keyPath

[Bug 22130] Modification for IDBObjectStore's clear and delete method

[Bug 22370] Inform script of corruption-induced data loss

[Bug 22409] Custom elements need da (microtask) hookup

[Bug 24042] [imports]: Parser should not wait on external resources inside imports

[Bug 24087] [Custom]: Rename document.registerElement to document.define or document.defineElement

[Bug 24106] FKA: No defined way to get keyboard focus into and out of a shadow DOM component

[Bug 24178] [Custom]: No way to differentiate attribute namespaces in attributeChanged callback

[Bug 24398] [Explainer]: typo ":" should be "="

[Bug 24570] [Custom]: Callback for cloneNode/importNode

[Bug 24577] [Custom]: Need adopted callback

[Bug 24578] [Custom]: define registry primitive; ("namespace" support needed?)

[Bug 24579] [Custom]: make callbacks more explicit

[Bug 24586] Remove FileList

[Bug 24603] [Custom]: Need callback for form submit data

[Bug 24629] [Explainer]: attachedCallback / detachedCallback are now enteredView and leftView?

[Bug 24632] [meta][imports]: The spec should have fewer monkey patches

[Bug 24655] [Custom]: Consider turning processing stack + queues into its own primitive

[Bug 24756] [imports]: Cascading order for stylesheets of imported documents should be stated more clearly

[Bug 24848] [imports]: ES6 module loader should be aware modules in HTML Imports

[Bug 24866] [Custom]: Consider adding inserted/removed callback

[Bug 24876] [Custom Elements]: Custom elements should be display: block by default

[Bug 25007] [imports]: Want New LinkImport method to return a promise.

[Bug 25097] Update HTTP and HTTPAUTH references to new HTTPbis specs

[Bug 25223] IDB exposes GC behavior

[Bug 25319] [imports]: Want some kind of imperative API

[Bug 25458] [Shadow]: The return type of Event.path should leverage WebIDL sequences

[Bug 25470] [imports]: improve description of async to clarify execution order

[Bug 25473] [Custom]: Add support for focus navigation similar to input type=date

[Bug 25484] [Explainer]: Example querySelectors need to select IDs

[Bug 25563] [Shadow]: Define the impact of ordering on relevant HTML elements

[Bug 25566] [imports]: Supporting more than just the script-src CSP directive in imports.

[Bug 25568] [imports]: Respect the crossOrigin attribute

[Bug 25610] [imports]: Want an informative section about implications of how CSP + Imports is defined

[Bug 25669] [Custom]: Make ES6 prose normative when ES6 ships

[Bug 25696] [imports]: <link media>

[Bug 25715] [imports]: Unify loading and dependency resolution model with ES6 modules

[Bug 25818] [imports]: The dedup behavior with redirects should be clarified.

[Bug 25830] [Custom]: What should be the name of the generated constructor returned by registerElement?

[Bug 25916] [Explainer]: Custom pseudo elements are still used in the examples.

[Bug 25924] [Imports]: The spec. is not very specific about the edge cases of the load

[Bug 26065] [Explainer]:

[Bug 26213] Need a shadowRoots MutationObserver option

[Bug 26233] [imports]: Typo: "overnride"

[Bug 26440] Allow fullscreenchange events to be synchronized with animation frames

[Bug 26516] Make resize events etc to be synchronized with animation frames

[Bug 26576] [Custom]: Add informative text about importNode

[Bug 26583] [Custom]: Add the possibility to extend the custom element

[Bug 26638] [Custom]: sorted element queue definition is not in sync with Imports

[Bug 26643] Figure out how "If a reflecting IDL attribute has the type HTMLElement, or an interface that descends from HTMLElement" should work in the context of shadow dom.

[Bug 26656] Figure out how form owner should work in shadow dom

[Bug 26676] Non-fullscreen documents can end up with non-empty fullscreen element stacks

[Bug 26677] Clarify when :fullscreen applies

[Bug 26681] [imports]: Script execution order should be stated more clearly

[Bug 26682] [imports]: The relationship between import and browsing context should be stated more clearly

[Bug 26713] DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut in ShadowDOM spec should be renamed to focusin/focusout

[Bug 26845] [Shadow] "All other HTML elements in the shadow trees must behave as if they were part of the document tree." does not deal with the case when the host is not in the document tree

[Bug 26846] [Shadow] it is unclear how elements in older shadow trees should work in case the newer shadow tree lacks <shadow>

[Bug 26852] [Custom]: Specify preference of localName and typeExtension in createElement

[Bug 26898] [imports]: <link rel=import> shouldn't be active when added by innerHTML

[Bug 26934] [Shadow]: How should Element.requestPointerLock() work in shadow DOM?

[Bug 26943] [Custom] Should attachedCallback/detachedCallback callbacks be called when element is added to / removed from shadom dom which is attached to a in-document host?

[Bug 27016] [Custom]: Custom element constructor behavior makes no sense

[Bug 27017] [Custom]: Constructor/prototype linkage needs to actually be defined, since it's dynamic, not static

[Bug 27162] Browser differences in graphical layout of fullscreen mode.

[Bug 27260] [Custom]: Need to define global/Realm handling for registerElement

[Bug 27325] [Shadow]: Figure out how session history should work for <iframe>s in shadow DOM

[Bug 27366] Define how shadow DOM should be handled when host is adopted to a new document

[Bug 27375] [Shadow]: Define whether <style>s in shadow trees are loaded

[Bug 27379] [Shadow] How should element.requestFullscreen(); work in shadow dom

[Bug 27380] [Shadow] How should various document internal references work when SVG is being used in shadow DOM

[Bug 27405] [Custom]: Convert all ES5 references to ES6

[Bug 27437] [Custom]: Be clear about whether attached callback should be enqueued when setting prototype

[Bug 27440] [Custom]: callbacks don't deal with exceptions

[Bug 27496] [Explainer]: mispell on inherifance

[Bug 27538] [Custom]: Tone of note doesn't reflect severity

[Bug 27611] [Custom]: SVG diagram accessibility

[Bug 27643] [Custom]: Section 10 prototype is not defined

[Bug 27674] requestFullscreen should return a promise

[Bug 27751] [Custom]: suggest note on requirements

[Bug 27762] [Custom]: Make unresolved state an explicit flag.

[Bug 27768] [Custom]: Make "Parsing Custom Elements" section more explicit

[Bug 27769] [Custom]: ES6 section needs to be updated

[Bug 27770] [Custom]: Improve the wording in element upgrade algorithm

[Bug 27780] [Custom]: "All Algorithms in One Diagram"

[Bug 27835] registerElement() should be scoped to modules

[Bug 27836] Scripts in HTML Imports should be scoped to the import (treat imports as script modules)

[Bug 27863] Not need to specify moving element in top layer and fullscreen stack

[Bug 27865] Merge fullscreen element stack into top layer

[Bug 27914] [Custom]: Typo instantation ---> instantiation

[Bug 27975] [Custom]: No way to unregister a component

[Bug 27976] [Custom]: type extensions should be available as custom tags, not only through <baseTag is="...">

[Bug 27977] [Custom]: mixin pattern: custom elements should be able to extend any base tag with is=

[Bug 27978] [Custom]: attachedCallback has no protocol for indicating that the custom tag is not applicable in this context

[Bug 28051] [imports]: showing <dialog> from import

[Bug 28067] DOMStringList has been removed from DOM

[Bug 28086] [Shadow] (assuming iframes should work inside shadow DOM) Should the contentWindow objects of iframes in shadow DOM show up in window.frames?

[Bug 28092] [Custom]: Clarify in informative note that cloning/importing also enqueues created callback

[Bug 28158] [Custom]: inflexible extends as fixed element type

[Bug 28449] [Shadow]: Allow certain pseudo-classes in content selectors

[Bug 28456] nested keyPath: allow specification which part should be iterated if it's an array

[Bug 28459] Algorithm of exitFullscreen() doesn't work correctly when there are nested fullscreen element

[Bug 28460] Request fullscreen on both iframe and elements inside it could cause undesired result

[Bug 28541] Custom elements should use ES6 class constructor

[Bug 28542] [Shadow] Replace node distribution mechanism by the named slot proposal

[Bug 28543] Custom elements should call user defined constructor synchronously

[Bug 28544] Custom elements should not upgrade elements by setting prototype

[Bug 28545] Declarative syntax for custom elements

[Bug 28546] document.registerElement should take a template as an argument

[Bug 28547] Remove the support for inherting from builtin subclasses of HTMLElement and SVGElement

[Bug 28614] Weaken the requirement of the time of running async steps

[Bug 28890] New: scroll should be a simple Event not a UIEvent

[Bug 28924] New: Is CompositionEvent supposed to have .locale?

[Bug 28938] New: Consider adding sourceDevice property to UIEvent

[Bug 28967] New: "Legacy" appendices should be normative

[Bug 29049] New: Queue a microtask to unset active on transaction

[Bug 29049] Queue a microtask to unset active on transaction

[Bug 29068] New: Should not reocmmend DocumentEvent.createEvent

[Bug 29102] MediaStream Recording API: remove RecordingErrorNameEnum and use DomException instead

[Bug 29102] New: MediaStream Recording API: remove RecordingErrorNameEnum and use DomException instead

[Bug 29103] MediaStream Recording API: MediaRecorderErrorEvent is a NoInterfaceObject, consider removing

[Bug 29103] New: MediaStream Recording API: MediaRecorderErrorEvent is a NoInterfaceObject, consider removing

[Bug 29104] BlobEvent is defined in both MediaStream Recorder and MediaStream ImageCapture, consider factoring them out.

[Bug 29104] New: BlobEvent is defined in both MediaStream Recorder and MediaStream ImageCapture, consider factoring them out.

[Bug 29105] MediaStream Recording API: Consider not using BlobEvent, using Blob and FileReader instead

[Bug 29105] New: MediaStream Recording API: Consider not using BlobEvent, using Blob and FileReader instead

[Bug 29136] New: Keyboard events should specify their target when more than 1 document exists

[charter] Need clarification about "Fetching resources"

[charter] Request for Comments; deadline Sept 10

[charter] What is the plan for Streams API?

[clipboard] document.execCommand and clipboard actions

[clipboard] navigator.registerClipboardFormats( ... )

[CSSWG][css-cascade-4] Last Call for Comments on CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 4

[html-imports] Syntax is "mystic and daunting" [Was: Re: HTML5 includes from within <body>]

[ime-api] [blink-dev] Removing IME API code from Blink

[shadow-dom] ::before/after on shadow hosts

[url] do not find.

[webapps] spec title editorial nit [I18N-ISSUE-433]

[WebIDL] T[] migration

[worker] Integration of WorkerGlobalScope and AbstractWorker


[XHR] Error type when setting request headers.

alternate view on constructors for custom elements

Apple's updated feedback on Custom Elements and Shadow DOM

Are web components *seriously* not namespaced?

Async Image -> ImageData conversion

Better focus support for Shadow DOM

CfC: Transition "Secure Contexts" to CR; deadline October 1st.

Clipboard API: remove dangerous formats from mandatory data types

Components F2F

Copying multi-range selection

CR: Web Storage (Second Edition)

Cross-page locking mechanism for indexedDB/web storage/FileHandle ?

CSS cascading order and Shadow DOM

Custom Element Action Items?

Custom elements "Constructor-Dmitry" baseline proposal

Custom Elements: "createdCallback" & cloning

Custom Elements: is=""

Directory Upload

Fwd: [webappsec] CfC: Proposed non-normative updates to CORS

HTML5 includes from within <body>

Indexed DB + Promises

Informal Service Worker working session

Is polyfilling future web APIs a good idea?

Minutes from Components face to face

Minutes from WebApps + HTMLWG Editing Task Force face to face meeting

Moving W3C Streams to Note and adding disclaimer [was: [charter] What is the plan for Streams API?]

Mozilla/Microsoft support for Native Messaging

Normative references to Workers.

Proposal: CSS WG / WebApps Joint Meeting for Shadow DOM Styling

PSA: Arun Ranganathan is now an Invited Expert

PSA: publish WD of "WebIDL Level 1"

PSA: publishing new WD of Service Workers on June 25

RE-SENDING [Apple's updated feedback on Custom Elements and Shadow DOM]

Reminder: [TPAC2015] Registration is now open for Oct 26-30 meeting week; deadline October 7

RfC: LCWD of Tracking Compliance and Scope; deadline October 7

RfC: Service Workers

Secure Contexts: It's worth taking another look.

Service Workers

Service Workers 1 and Nightly

Shadow DOM spec for v1 is ready to be reviewed

Shadow DOM Styling Meeting on September 18, 2015

Tests for new shadow DOM API

The key custom elements question: custom constructors?

Two new custom elements ideas

W3C's version of XMLHttpRequest should be abandoned

WBS Reminder - Registration for the F2F meeting of the Web Applications Working Group (2015-07-21/2015-07-21 in Bay Area, CA US) responses due 2015-07-14

WebApps-ACTION-757: Collect the various minutes and make them as coherent as the reality of the meeting.

WebApps-ACTION-758: Ask accesibility people about imes

what's the meaning of lighter blue thick underlined terms in some specs?

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