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<script> elements running only once

<script> execution under progressive rendering

[Fwd: Re: Event handler attributes (Was: Dependencies in XHR)]

[Fwd: SVGt 1.2 Tests: Rationale of fonts-elem-05-t]

[XHR] SVG WG LC comments

[XHTML Role] SVG WG LC comments

About the comment on animate-elem-224-t.svg

ACTION-2010, round 2

Added erratum for ISSUE-2005

Agenda June 12, 2008 telcon

Agenda Request: SVG WG Review of XHTML Access Module

Agenda Requests

Agenda, 3 June telcon

Agenda, Apr 29 telcon

Agenda, July 1, 2008 telcon

Agenda, June 17, 2008 telcon

Agenda, June 19, 2008 telcon

Agenda, June 26, 2008 telcon

Agenda, May 13, 2008 telcon

Agenda, May 15, 2008 telcon

Agenda, May 6, 2008 telcon

Agenda, May 8, 2008 telcon

Agenda, Thursday May 29th telcon

Agenda, Tuesday July 10th telcon

animate-elem-224-t.svg test

Applying SVG Effects To HTML Content

Behaviour of SVGLengthList.replaceItem() in existing UAs

d:OperatorScript vs OperatorScript

Edit Action summary

Errata Updated

Errors in approved tests

Font-face errata

Generating a new version of the test suite

ISSUE-2001 (font-face-dtd): Prose describing <font> content model does not match DTD [SVG Full 1.1]

ISSUE-2002: Controlling the implicit viewBox of raster images used in the <image> element [SVG Full 1.2]

ISSUE-2003 (Schepers): Resolving IRIs for Resource Documents [SVG Tiny 1.2]

ISSUE-2004: Define SVGMatrix behavior when using float edge cases [SVG Tiny 1.2]

ISSUE-2005: Mistakes in the attribute index appendix [SVG Full 1.1]

ISSUE-2006 (Overlaps): Overlapping Features Between Modules [All]

ISSUE-2007 (enable-background): 'enable-background' Property Duplicated in Compositing and Filters Modules [Modules]

ISSUE-2009 (Broken Schema): Broken Schema for SVG 1.2 Tiny [SVG Tiny 1.2]

ISSUE-2012 (Armageddon): The Mayan Calendar Stops, Heralding the End of the World [All]

Looking deeper at <script>, externalResourcesRequired=""

Migrated repository/testing/

Minutes of Weds 26 may SVG f2f

Minutes Sophia-Antipolis F2F, day 5 (May 23, 2008)

Minutes SVG Telcon, May 6 2008

Minutes Thu May 29 telcon

Minutes, June 19, 2008 telcon

Minutes, June 26, 2008 telcon

Minutes, Sophia-Antipolis SVG F2F Day 1

Minutes, SVG F2F Day 4 Thursday 22 May 2008

Minutes, SVG Sophia-Antipolis F2F Day 2, Tuesday 20 May 2008

Minutes, SVG telcon Thursday 12 June 2008

Minutes, SVG telcon Thursday 15 May 2008

Minutes, SVG telcon Tuesday 10 June 2008

Minutes, SVG telcon Tuesday 13 May 2008

Minutes, SVG telcon Tuesday 29 April 2008

Minutes, telcon June 3, 2008

Module Activity Table Updated

Moved SVG Modules list to the new wiki

New Public Mailing List - public-svg-wg

New Test Suite Generated

Normalizing a 'z' or 'Z' command


Patch for Acid3 test 77 (SVGTextContentElement errata)

Pending errata items

Please review tests before F2F

Progress Event Implementer feedback

QT 4.4 review

question about struct-use-205-t.svg

Regrets for June 24 telcon

Regrets for Thursday's call

Regrets for today

Regrets for today - we think the baby is coming :) (nt)

Regrets for Tuesday's telcon

Regrets today

Regrets, Tuesday telcon


Short review of XHR

SVG in HTML5 draft proposal

SVG in text/html requirements updated

SVG Tiny 1.2 comparisons of IRIs for resource documents

SVG Tiny 1.2 Test Allocation Table Migrated

SVG Tiny 1.2 Test Suite Update

SVG/CSS AC/TP meeting 2008

SVGFont questions

SVGTextContentElement errata

Telcon Jun 5 cancelled

Telcon May 1, 2008 cancelled


Testsuite: uDom tests - setAttributeNS vs. setTrait

Tiny 1.2 testsuite release review

Two progressive rendering questions

Uses of float in the SVGT12 IDL

Webfonts 'src' syntax

XHR review

XHR review extension

XHTML Role review

XMLHttpRequest review

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