RE: <script> elements running only once

I'd like to note that it's hard to re-execute scripts once they're in the context it's almost impossible to take them out again if the script engine doesn't support it. For example, Renesis uses Jscript and we do not have any chance to get it out except shutting the whole engine down, then restarting it and re-inserting all scripts..

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> Subject: <script> elements running only once
> says that <script> elements are executed when they are inserted into the
> document.  However, I noticed that both Opera 9.5b2 and Firefox 3rc1
> handle SVG <script> elements in the same way as HTML 5 <script>
> elements, i.e. once a <script> element executes, it will not be executed
> again when removed from and then reinserted into the document:
> Do we want to align to HTML here?  (We can ignore the defer/async stuff
> for now.)
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