Re: SVGFont questions

Hi, Erik-

Erik Dahlström wrote (on 5/13/08 5:19 AM):
> I'll cite an example, which is output from OmniGraffle 4:
> Anyone care to explain what to make of that? :)

I'll answer this with a more general solution than just SVG Fonts:

Let's ask them.

We need to engage the authoring tool community more, and this is a good 
chance to do so.  What did they mean by that?  Why did they do it that 
way?  Probably because a use case they had didn't have a clear solution. 
  Let's make it easier for people to ask us how to proceed when in doubt 
(maybe we can use the SVG IG for that?), and let's continue to make it 
harder for people to misunderstand the specs.

Maybe the Omni Group could join the SVG IG?  Maybe they could join W3C?

> Here are a few of my guesses:
> - Overriding metrics of a locally installed font? (don't think so)
> - Overriding metrics on some fallback font? (would be weird)
> - To be ignored since it doesn't specify font-family? (probably)
>   + What if it did specify font-family?

Certainly, let's specify this, after getting feedback on why OmniGraffle 
does it that way.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG, CDF, and WebAPI

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