Re: animate-elem-224-t.svg test

Tony Zlatinski:
> Thank you Dr. Olaf for the clarifications!
> This explanation helps to better understand the idea behind the test and
> the review process.
> Best Regards,
> Tony

Maybe we could add the URI of the related SMIL2.1 section 
to the paragraph of the description related to this 'subtest' 
to simplify understanding for everyone.
The current problem may indicate, that the description can be 

I think, it is always useful to discuss such 'suspicious' things, this
helps both to improve test+description and understanding of
tested features.

And no one has to believe everything in the tests of course -
sometimes there are errors, misunderstandings, contradictions - 
and if we discuss this, we can find out what can be improved, 
sometimes the tests, sometimes implementations, sometimes
even the recommendation drafts ;o)
And if there is no viewer available interpreting the feature correct 
at the creation time of a test, there is of course a higher probability
of an undiscovered  typo in such a test - I found one in
animate-elem-204-t.svg myself months ago (still not fixed in the
current text suite version, but already mentioned on the
animation test coverage page in the wiki), responsible for a 
wrong timing.


Received on Sunday, 1 June 2008 17:40:31 UTC