Re: animate-elem-224-t.svg test

Tony Zlatinski:
> Hi All,
> I've asked a colleague of mine (Chunhui) to review the test and he believes
> there is a problem with one of the animations.
> Bitflash player now works correctly, so we ca generate a reference image
> for this test, if nobody objects of the fix we made.
> Thanks!
> Best Regards,
> Tony

The different repeatCount are intended to test a specific rule for frozen
to-animations, currently wrong in any viewer I tested this up to know.
Because there are already some ideas for applications (slightly more
complex and interactive than these tests), it would be helpful for authors
to get to-animations completely implemented within the next years and
I think, such tests are maybe a good approach to accelerate implementation
of such features, some authors would really like to use in the future.

With the repeatCount 2 for one animation and repeatCount 1.5 for the
other it tests this:

'A frozen to animation takes on the value at the time it is frozen, masking 
further changes in the underlying value. This matches the dominance of the to 
value at the end of the simple duration. Even if other, lower priority 
animations are active while a to animation is frozen, the value does not 

This means, if the higher priority animation is frozen at 1.5 the 
presentation value does not change anymore, whatever the lower 
priority animation does (If it would restart it became the higher 
priority, but this is not tested here to keep the test somehow 'simple').
Because this is different from values animations and equivalents 
(from-to, from-by, by), this may need a specific implementation of
to-animations to get this effect interesting for a few applications, some
authors already have in mind. 

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> From: Chunhui Mei
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> Subject: RE: Emailing: 2.animate-elem-208-t.svg, 4. animate-elem-219-t.svg,
> 1.animate-elem-224-t.svg, 3. animate-elem-204-t.svg
> For the first one,
> Error occurred in the left animation, which combines 3 animations. Two of
> them controls x direction, the other controls y direction. I think there is
> some error in the test. The two animations for x direction should be
> repeated both 1.5 times (the first one repeat 2 times in original test) to
> get the circle move along the dark vertical line in the second iteration.
> Thanks

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