About the comment on animate-elem-224-t.svg

Hello group,

the comment on animate-elem-224-t.svg in
I cannot understand.
It tests the combination/behaviour of two to animations
for one attribute in the same time interval. Due to
SMIL rules this results in a quadratic path as trajectory. 
The combination is choosen in such a way, that it
is relatively simple to calulate the quadratic path
the animations result in - there is no simpler path for
two to-animations combined in such a way.
I think, for other combinations it is slightly more 
difficult to calculate the resulting trajectory, therefore
this is already a basic test for to-animations
(I already have more complex with restarting the
animations within active duration, changing priorities in
the SMIL timing sandwich model, where it is harder
to calculate the trajectory). Even more
for four to-animations for one attribute, the resulting
trajectory is a fourth order curve, not even exactly
available in SVG, therefore the combination of two
animations resulting in a quadratic path is already a
nice and simple choice to check the correct behaviour

Received on Friday, 23 May 2008 17:20:08 UTC