RE: Generating a new version of the test suite

Hi Anthony,

I see that the media-synch-* tests visually have no 'draft' banner because they are using an extremely old template.

These tests have never been reviewed or discussed by the group.

Can you please remove these tests from the publication list, as to not create confusion?

Quickoffice is working towards more mature tests for media synchronization attributes using a modified Darwin server, but this will not be ready to donate to the group until next iteration.

Thanks a lot!

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> Subject: Generating a new version of the test suite
> Hi Team,
> As per my action item ACTION-2044 [1] I will be regenerating the test
> suite on Wednesday 4th June 2008.
> If there are any changes to be made please let me know so I can make
> them tomorrow before the test suite is generated.
> Thanks,
> Anthony
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